Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Off to a Great Start!

Another cold, windy night in Estes so I'm looking forward to the playa and 100 degree heat! Too bad I'll have to wait until August for that...
In the meantime lots has transpired for Vishnu's Dream. Early support has been very enthusiastic! We have had discussions with Christine at The Artist's Nook in Ft. Collins and with Linda at the Cutural Arts Council of Estes Park on possible presentations on the art of Burning Man and our project. And we have talked to artist Jill Powers in Boulder about doing a presentation as an adjunct to her Earth Art Class in February and March.
The really amazing news is that we have already raised $845 for the project! Thanks to all who have contributed already - your generosity is most appreciated! We'll be having several other fund raisers in the spring and summer to bring this dream (madness??) to fruition so check back here or at our website for more information. We're hoping to raise $2,000 so we're already 42% there!
Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to buying some materials and getting started. First task: build a prototype of one of the lotus petals to see if the design really will hold up to the wind storms that pummel the playa on occasion. Getting a good wind for the test won't be a problem!

Make the Dream Real!

Vishnu's Dream is an ambitious project! To make the dream real, there are many ways you can contribute. We'll be looking for help to build the frames, sew the fabric and paint the murals. These tasks will take place this spring and summer and we will welcome your help!

In the meantime you can help with a financial contribution. Check out our PayPal Donation link below!