Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Model

Here's a picture of the 1:24 scale model I built of Vishnu's Dream. It's big! The disk is about 30 inches in diameter and the model is about 14 inches tall. It is not only for getting a sense of the art and colors and proportions, it is also a "proof of concept" model in that the dimensions for the cone and the dome are sized and formed exactly so that I can order the right amounts of materials and know how to assemble it when I go to 1:1 scale. In other words I want to be sure everything is sized correctly and well thought out before I start welding and sawing and cutting!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hey Kidz!

We're back! Back from Bali, actually where Deedee and I spent three wonderful weeks immersed in the warmth and hospitality of the beautiful Balinese people, seeing temples, relaxing on the beach, and buying sculptures and wood carvings and batik sarongs. Actually, my sarong will be good attire for Burning Man! For lots more on Bali you can check out Deedee's blog at

After finally integrating all my body parts back in this hemisphere, I'm ready to get started on the construction of Vishnu's Dream! Burning Man declined to fund the full scale version of Vishnu's Dream (248 grant proposals and only a dozen or so new artists funded) but I got the impression they were at least intrigued AND they are paying our way there by giving us free tickets to the event! 

The final version of Vishnu's Dream will be a bit smaller than the grant proposal: 27 feet high, 12 feet in diameter at the base, and 40 feet total diameter. This will be a bit less intimidating to build and about half the cost. I have already purchased many of the supplies including the electrical conduit struts, lighting, nuts, bots, straps, buckles, etc. Almost everything else has been researched and sourced.

Part of the fun is figuring out ways to get this built for a reasonable cost. For example, I needed a rear projection screen for the camera obscura, but commercial screen is $4 a square foot. That would be about $400 for what I need! The solution I came up with is...... a frosted shower curtain... for $6. Lots of research on the web and lots of planning, but it will all pay off when it comes to the final cost.

This weekend I'll start on the camera obscura mechanism and the lotus petal windmill for the top. If you're passing by Fish Creek Road, stop in and say hello!