Sunday, September 13, 2009


This was taken after two days of dust, wind and sun, working my butt off to get Vishnu's Dream set up on the playa. The photo says it all!

Burning Man Pix

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vishnu's Dream a Success! (well, mostly)

We're back from Burning Man and slowly re-entering the default world, reassembling body parts after the 1,000+ mile drive... Our minds may follow in a few days

Vishnu's Dream was a success! We needed way more time to assemble it than I expected, but it went up without problems thanks to the support of Steven, Fred, Alan and Deedee, and about twenty Burners we flagged down to help with tilting it up into place. It survived the winds which seemed way more frequent this year than last time. The windmill self-destructed so the "whirling images of the playa" never worked as intended, but the digital images from the infrared camera worked and provided a nice disorienting effect at night... (you had to be there...) And it was definitely the centerpiece of the 9:00 plaza. Steven's cobra heads were awesome too!

Here's a picture during the day and another at night.