Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're Famous!!

OK, so actually we haven't even made it to the playa yet and I don't know for sure that everything will actually fit together and work right... but that's all part of the art process, right? Right?? Well, check out the Burning Blog for a perfect description of what the art process is all about - all the uncertainties and challenges and yes, joys.

Vishnu's Dream was listed as one of Moze's top ten art installation for this year. How cool is that? But... now the pressure is on to be sure it all works out right. Well, there's that "trust the Universe" thing again as I like to say. Everything seems to be falling into place, so ya gotta trust that it's meant to be.

Meanwhile, Steven is getting the cobra heads finished in Seattle and I'm doing the last few finish items here in Estes. And Deedee is finishing my bike for the playa, rusticating a few cobras for it, etc. We'll hook up some EL lights for our bikes soon. Check out her blog entries about her bike here.

Getting psyched to GET ON THE ROAD and get to the playa! Woohoo! Joe

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